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The kind of smog check cathedral city car owners can expect from Davies Auto Care is the a necessity if you live in California. Many states mandate vehicles to undergo a biennial smog check in order to renew the registration. New residents are not exempt from an initial inspection even if they already have a current certificate from their previous state of residence. ?This mandate is very appropriate in California, because the state is one of the many that has struggled with high pollution and smog levels in the atmosphere. If your vehicle must pass a smog test each year, you will need regular and reliable maintenance for your exhaust systems. The experts at Davies Auto Care’s can help you with smog certification.

Car Models that Must Pass the Smog Check Cathedral City Mandates

All cars must pass smog and emissions testing, but the frequency for taking the tests will differ depending on the car model:

  • Most gas-powered vehicles made after 1976 require regular smog checks, with some exceptions
  • New cars with models six years old or newer do not need yearly testing
  • Diesel-powered cars and older models from 1988 or later require regular testing, no exceptions

The experts at Davies Autocare will help you if you are not sure which category your car belongs to. Our staff has experience working on the exhaust of all major vehicles, be they cars, trucks, or SUVs.

Smog Check Cathedral City Services

There is no need to be surprised at how in-depth an exhaust and smog check can be. A vehicle?s exhaust system is more than just a tailpipe and muffler ? it is actually one of the most complex systems in a vehicle.

The Manifold system

This part is in the vehicle engine and collects exhaust from the cylinders, which it diverts into the exhaust pipe. The manifold is then sealed using gaskets. Problems with the manifold, such as a loose connection or a damaged gasket can be dangerous because it allows dangerous gases to leak into the passenger compartment.

The Catalytic Converter

The vehicle?s exhaust system is another important component of the exhaust system. It looks like a muffler, but its primary purpose is to convert dangerous gases into harmless carbon dioxide and water. While it does not require any real regular maintenance, it wears out over time. Your vehicle will fail a smog check and emissions test if you have a problem with your catalytic converter.

The Oxygen Sensors

This is found in the exhaust pipe, and its job is to monitor the oxygen content of the exhaust. It can help the engine?s computer keep the fuel to air mixture at optimal levels. A non-working oxygen sensor will contribute to cases of smog check cathedral city car owners can’t pass.

The Muffler

The muffler is probably the most commonly known part of the exhaust system, but its primary job is just to keep the vehicle from emitting bad sounds. It ?muffles? what would have been noise.

It is paramount that any damage in the above parts be repaired, because they all play a big part in passing a smog test. Getting your vehicle the care and attention it needs at Davies Autocare will not only help you remain in compliance with state laws, it will also keep you safe and sound while in your car. Call our technicians today and we will give you a free quote!

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